a church to call home

You are at a point where your faith is becoming your own, and you have more say in where and when you go to church more than ever before.  FBCE would love to be a part of your journey. Our college class is an amazing group of young adults who have already begun their careers or are in school and on their way.

To get into contact with our college ministries, send us your name and phone number on our Let's Talk page.


Our college small group is one of the best places to get connected at FBCE. It starts at 9 am until 10 am, before our awesome church service at 10:15 am. Katie leads the college class in a fun, open, and meaningful discussion of the things of God and how faith connects to your life. The college and career class is a great way to get involved and have fellowship with people in similar walks of life. 

The Sunday Small Group room is upstairs in the middle building, the first classroom next to the elevator.