FBCE loves kid ministries. Our kids department is 1st - 6th grade. Here is what we have...

Sunday Small Groups

Our Sunday small groups are a fantastic opportunity for your young ones to meet other children of faith and start their own unique faith journey. Starting at 9 am on Sundays, your kids will divide into three grade groups to begin learning everything from the Creation story to Jesus' Resurrection. Our wonderful teachers always have a blast getting on the same level as our kids and making it fun for everyone involved.

kids zone: wednesday nights

Kids Zone at FBCE is one of the best ways for your child to get started. At 5:45 pm, our kids gather with adult leaders like Pastor Tim and others for a time of connection and laughter. This year, we are introducing even more fun with Crazy Dress Up nights every first Wednesday of the month and Craft Night every second Wednesday of the month! Along with Bible stories, games and songs, we hope to give your children a great opportunity for growth in every way.


FBCE loves taking our kids on adventures! Although we love going to our summer Centrikid camp, we are also active all year around. Whether it is a trip to a safari, JumpZone, or a Back to School bash at church, our children's department makes sure to stay active. And parents are more than welcome to join us anytime.

Of course, we can't forget our Vacation Bible School either! We love hosting our VBS kids every year and watching them grow up and grow in their faith. Learn more about that here.

more info:

All of our children's activities at church take place in our Children's Department! You can find our Children's Department across from the elevator upstairs in our middle building.

To talk to someone for more information about FBCE's kids' ministries, contact us at 337-457-2361 or send us a message here.