The purpose of our nursery is in two parts: First, to allow you time and freedom to enjoy FBCE events, and second, to begin introducing the Bible to our young ones in a safe, friendly environment.

We have an excellent preschool director, Makayla Elkins. You can learn more about her on our Staff Page, or you can send her a message here.

sunday small groups

Our Sunday small groups are a great place for your kids to hang out and learn Bible stories while you have your own Bible study. Infants to 1 year olds have their own space, and 2-3 year olds and 4-5 year olds each have a class! We have great Sunday school teachers for all the two older classes, and excellent supervision in all of them. Nursery is open just before 9 am until Sunday small groups ends.

during church

During church, 4-5 year olds will stay with their family in service, but infants to 3 year olds are invited to stay in the nursery. The infants have music and tons of toys and extra special care from our nursery workers. The 2-3 year olds color or paint to make a project based on the Bible story for that day to take home and share with you. Our workers make sure your children are happy, fed snacks, and taken care of.


On Wednesdays, while the adults have prayer meeting and Bible studies, the nursery is open again for the same age groups- infants to five year olds. They play around, have fun, maybe a snack, and sometimes have an activity that connects with the same lesson from Sunday! The nursery opens at 6 pm until 7 pm.

More info

  • Our nursery is located downstairs in the middle building. If you come into the building on the sanctuary side, take the first left!
  • On your first visit to the nursery, we have a contact information paper to fill out, and you can take a look around the rooms as well!
  • To contact our church or Makayla with any questions, call the church office at 337-457-2361 or send us a message here.