Our youth group is one of our most active ministries! Teens 7th grade through 12th grade come together under our student leader Mike Fontenot to hang out, stand out, and lead out in places of faith.

The FBCE Youth group now meets in our newly completed Youth Building located behind the Fellowship Hall. Feel free to contact Mike here for more information or to ask questions.

Sunday Small Groups

Sunday Small Groups are a great part of our youth group. After a short welcome and hang out time in our new building, girls and guys separate to learn about this week's Bible lesson in an environment where they can talk things through and ask questions of their own. They can also get connected with our Sunday Small Groups teachers, who are amazing role models for our teens. Small groups start at  9 am every Sunday. 

Sunday nights

Cafe Talks started shortly after our new youth building was completed. This is a great time for students to talk about their week, drink coffee, and hear the word of God. We will start Cafe Talks again on Sept. 10th. Hope to see you there!

wednesday nights

Wednesdays are one of the best times to get connected into our youth group. Although the adults and kids start their activities at 6 pm, the youth starts at 5:30! We use the extra time to have a meal together, play a games, and have our Bible study. Our youth love to hang out, and this is when they love to do it most!


We host a lot of events for our youth throughout the year! We go to summer camp, YEC, and other annual events, along with monthly or so events like ice skating, movies, hang out times, and more.

If you'd like to stay up to date with upcoming events, send a message to Mike, and he will get in touch with you!